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GalaXteel is THE most advanced steel chain for winter driving

XelGrip Twist Lock
XelGrip Twist Lock
Outside locks provide smooth and fast setup
  New one step twist lock system makes installation faster and easier than ever before
Specially designed pattern for avoiding free spin and sliding
No need to jack-up or move the vehicle for installation
  Twist lock system for easy installation
Light in weight and compact in size
  Use of high-strength plastic makes it lighter and easier to handle than conventional steel chains
    Easy Installation

Lay the snow chain flat, parallel to the tire. Pull the green end around behind the tire from the right side to the left. Chains will not install if done in the wrong direction. Lift both ends of the inner chain. Connect the yellow end into the slot, and pull the chains to cover the tire.
Hold up the outside chain and connect (1) the upper hook first, then (2) the lower hook.

NOTE: Keep in order, (1) upper (2) lower
Adjust the chain to make sure it is spread evenly over the tire. Use the handle to twist-lock the lower and then upper locks.

CAUTION: Check the firmness of twist-locks before use

    Size Chart
First you need to know what tire size your vehicle has. Look on the tire's sidewall. You will see marking such as:

185/65R14 185 is the section width
65 is the aspect ratio
R means radial construction
14 is the rim diameter

GalaXteel snow chain are designed specifically for use on passenger sedan tires. Do not use on trucks, off-road jeeps, or other vehicles with over-sized tires. A minimum clearance of 1 1/4" (3 cm) is required between car tire and other body parts.

    How To Contact Us
Contact us via online form or call us at +886-2-2502-7256 (Taipei, Taiwan). Please note that this is only for wholesale orders.

We also offer a variety of OEM snow chains. Here are the examples:

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